Watch as Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy Bring HANNIBAL New Life at Their Fan Expo Boston Panel


One of the most important impacts a fictional property can have in this world is to create community. The power of loving the same story, walking in the same fantastical universe, and adventuring with the same characters can truly bring people together in their real lives, forging lasting bonds and deep friendships. As a devoted member of many fandoms, I can safely say that few shows have ever built a community quite as wonderful as the one Hannibal has created. In that vein, it was extra touching for Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy to celebrate the series at Fan Expo Boston, a convention specially designed to honor all things fandom. And, personally, as a long-time supporter of the series, it was my pleasure to represent Nerdist as moderator of the Hannibal panel.

Fan Expo Boston’s Hannibal panel was truly a magical convergence where off-stage, on-stage, and in the talent seats, a community of fans came together, celebrating the ethos of the convention and of Hannibal. As the saying goes, “It’s beautiful.”

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Although Hannibal was canceled nearly nine years ago now, you certainly wouldn’t know it sitting in the panel room, its stars, and a room full of cheering Fannibals hungry to celebrate their favorite show. And happily, much like our love for the show, the fun of this panel doesn’t ever have to end. To ensure all Fannibals, Hannibal fans, and Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy enthusiasts alike can join in the beauty of what fans have termed the “Hannibal Reunion,” Fan Expo Boston has released a highlight reel of the panel. You can check out the best of the best moments above and make sure to subscribe to Fan Expo’s channel to catch all future panel highlights that might feed your fandom.

From discussing Will and Hannibal’s love story and journey throughout Hannibal to pondering the intricacies of their characters, including what their last meals might be (each other) and what paintings they might eat (a question inspired by the Red Dragon Francis Dolarhyde himself), to sharing some of their on-set memories and experiences, Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy left Fannibals with a lot to chew on after their Fan Expo Hannibal panel. Some particularly hilarious answers will no doubt live forever in the inside jokes and fond memories of Hannibal fans—and isn’t that what being in fandom is all about?

Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen at Fan Expo Boston
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Of course, fans hope that this stop on the Hannibal reunion tour won’t be its last. But regardless of what the future holds, we know Fannibals will be savoring every bite of this Fan Expo Boston Hannibal panel.



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