Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman In Talks for PRACTICAL MAGIC 2

Two of Hollywood’s biggest stars could soon return to make movie magic again. Practical Witch magic, to be specific. Warner Bros. Pictures has announced its finally making a ( movie, not TV) sequel to its beloved 1998 film. And original stars Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman are reportedly in discussion to reprise their roles as the Owens sisters.

Warner Bros. went to TikTok to announced its producing a long-awaited followup to its beloved witchy drama. Oscar-winner Akiva Goldsmith (A Beautiful Mind) will write the script for Practical Magic 2. More important is the possible involvement of two other Oscar winners. Variety says Bullock and Kidman are in “talks” to return to the series.

Warner Bros.

Could Practical Magic 2 be successful without them? Maybe, but it will be far more magical if they’re back as the Owens sisters.


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