STAR TREK 500 from IDW Sets Up Massive Trek Crossover Event for 2025

For almost as long as there has been Star Trek on TV, there have been Star Trek comics. And these days, IDW Entertainment has been carrying the flag of Starfleet proudly. Now, the landmark 500th issue of Star Trek is arriving. This oversized anthology comic will feature seven stories from different eras of Star Trek. It will even be a prelude to a big Trek universe crossover event planned for 2025. It’ll include creatives like Patton Oswalt, Chris Cantwell, Mags Visaggio, and more. Here’s the official solicitation for the 500th IDW Star Trek issue, going on sale September 4, 2024:

Celebrate IDW’s 500th issue of Star Trek comics (and an early Star Trek Day!) with this landmark oversized anthology issue! This collection of seven short stories spans through fan-favorite eras of the beloved franchise from Lower Decks to  Strange New Worlds, legacy characters from The Next Generation and the original series, written and illustrated by Star Trek comics veterans and new voices alike. Plus, don’t miss out on the prelude to 2025’s big Star Trek and Defiant comic crossover event written by Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, and Christopher Cantwell!

Star Trek #500 has four different variant covers. They showcase the crews from 58 years of Trek, since the days of Kirk, to Strange New Worlds. Cover A is by Joëlle Jones, with Cover B by Jake Bartok. JK Woodward provides Cover C, with a Cover Variant by Chris Fenoglio. You can preview them all down below, along with quotes from the various Star Trek #500 creators.

IDW Comics

Here’s what Heather Antos, IDW group editor, had to say about the upcoming special issue of Star Trek:

The sending to print of any single comic is a feat in and of itself. To hit a landmark like 500 issues with any franchise is a true accomplishment to be celebrated. This Star Trek Day IDW is excited to present not only a look back at some of our favorite characters and series from over the years, but also a look forward on what is to come in the future for our Eisner-nominated Star Trek and Defiant series. If you’re only getting one Star Trek book this year, this is not one to miss out on!

In addition, Jackson Lanzing, Chris Cantwell, and Collin Kelly, who are co-writing the prelude for the big Star Trek event coming in 2025, shared the following sentiments.

Jackson Lanzing: “In Star Trek #400, we began a journey that changed the face of Star Trek comics and carved out a whole new line for readers of every generation. I don’t think any of us could have imagined what would follow. From all the incredible interlocked series to the first Star Trek summer event to the first Eisner nominations in Starfleet’s history. Now, one hundred issues later… it’s time to push things even further.”

Star Trek #500 cover B, from artist Jak Bartok, from IDW Comics.
IDW Comics

Christopher Cantwell: “Just like our prelude story in the Star Trek Free Comic Book Day issue last year, #500 promises one hell of a tease of things to come next summer in 2025. Both books are building to a crossover event that will truly redefine the Star Trek universe from within its very DNA. There are a boatload of reasons why you’ll want to pick up #500, but the little ticking time bomb Jackson, Collin, and I have planted in its pages will get you anxious for what’s to come.” 

Star Trek #500, Cover C, illustrated by JK Woodward.
IDW Comics

Collin Kelly: “We’ve been planting the seeds of this event since the very beginning, a culmination and conflagration that will ignite the cosmos in a crisis of galactic proportions. Not only crossing our titles, but linking to both Nemesis and Star Trek: Picard. Our aim is nothing less than creating the single greatest challenge that Sisko, Worf, and their respective crews have ever faced; a mission that starts when the universe ends.”

Star Trek #500 Cover RI, by Chris Fenoglio.
IDW Comics

Professional nerds (and professional jokers) Patton Oswalt and Jordan Blum are also beaming aboard. With tongues firmly planted in their cheeks, they had this to say about their contributions to Star Trek #500. Oswalt joked “I can’t wait to begin writing this story. Sitting down to watch at least 3 of the original episodes and 2 of the movies. I’m so excited to experience this world for the first time!”

Meanwhile, Blum added “It’s an honor to be a part of this historic Star Trek moment. I’ve been a diehard fan ever since Luke Skywalker first flew the Enterprise into the trenches of Arrakis. Our story will obsessively investigate the psychology and physiology of Tribbles in a way no one has ever deemed worth it. It’s like Mr. Spock always says ‘There is no spoon.’ Truly.”

Star Trek #500 beams down to your local comic shop on September 4, 2024.


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