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Eugene Sheffer Crossword

If you want to spend your quality time wisely, solving crossword puzzles would be a great idea for that. Eugene Sheffer crossword puzzles will relax your mind and make you think out of the box. So without waiting, just grab a pen and solve these puzzles make your day fresh, and give your brain a refreshment. Remember every attempt is a step towards achievement. We are here to help you every step of the way by giving you the correct answer. 

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“Ben- —”


“Ben- —” HUR: This clue likely refers to the first part of a compound word, with ‘HUR’ completing it. With this pattern, the answer could be ‘Ben-hur,’ a famous novel and film about a prince’s journey of redemption in ancient Rome.

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“Crooklyn” director Spike


“Crooklyn” director Spike LEE: Here, the reference is to a renowned filmmaker known for his work on movies like “Crooklyn.” The answer is Spike Lee, an influential director recognized for his unique storytelling and contributions to African American cinema.

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“Hail, Caesar!”


“Hail, Caesar!” AVE: This clue suggests a two-word phrase, where ‘AVE’ is the second part. The answer could be ‘Hail, Caesar!’ – a common phrase used to greet or pay homage to a powerful leader, also the title of a Coen Brothers film.

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“Olympia” artist


“Olympia” artist MANET: This clue points to a renowned artist famous for their work titled “Olympia.” The answer is Édouard Manet, a French painter known for his pioneering role in the transition from Realism to Impressionism.

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“Uh-huh” YEP: This clue likely seeks a casual affirmation, with ‘YEP’ being the answer. It’s a common informal way of saying “yes” or indicating agreement in conversation.

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AAA job


AAA job TOW: This clue hints at a task related to roadside assistance, with ‘TOW’ being the key word. The answer is likely ‘towing,’ referring to the service provided by AAA (American Automobile Association) and other roadside assistance companies to tow disabled vehicles.

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Agents, for short


Agents, for short: Are individuals who represent others in various capacities, often in legal or professional settings. The abbreviation “REPS” stands for representatives, signifying those entrusted with advocating for others’ interests.

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Apple computers


Apple computers: This clue refers to a specific brand of computers known for their sleek design and user-friendly interface. “MACS” are synonymous with Apple computers, showcasing the shorthand often used to refer to these devices.

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Army rank, casually


Army rank, casually: In informal contexts, individuals might refer to a specific rank within the military hierarchy. “SARGE” is a casual term used to denote a sergeant, typically someone in a supervisory role within a military unit.

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Arrow on a screen


Arrow on a screen: This term describes the movable marker used to navigate and interact with digital interfaces. The “CURSOR” is an essential element in computer usage, allowing users to select, click, and input commands on their screens.

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Beams: This word commonly refers to shafts of light or energy emitted from a source. “RAYS” depict the emanation of light, heat, or other forms of energy, often seen in natural phenomena like sunlight or artificial sources like lasers.

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Birthday bashes


Birthday bashes: These are celebratory gatherings held in honor of someone’s birth, typically marked by festivities and socializing. “PARTIES” denote the joyous occasions where friends and family come together to commemorate another year of life.

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Blacken on a grill


Blacken on a grill: When food is subjected to intense heat, it often undergoes a transformative process, resulting in a charred exterior. To “CHAR” something on a grill is to deliberately expose it to high heat, creating a flavorful crust or texture.

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Body powder


Body powder (TALC): This clue refers to a common ingredient in body powders known for its absorbent properties. Talc is often used in cosmetics and personal care products for its ability to absorb moisture and reduce friction on the skin.

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Brainy (SMART): When someone is described as “brainy,” it suggests they possess intelligence and sharp mental faculties. “Smart” is a synonym commonly used to describe individuals who are clever, quick-witted, and adept at solving problems.

Car in a Beach Boys song


Car in a Beach Boys song (TBIRD): The Beach Boys are known for their iconic song “Fun, Fun, Fun,” which mentions a popular car of the time. The Thunderbird, often abbreviated as “TBird,” was a classic American car model manufactured by Ford and celebrated in pop culture during the 1960s.

CEO’s deg


CEO’s deg (MBA): Many CEOs and top executives hold advanced degrees to support their leadership roles. An MBA, or Master of Business Administration, is a common degree among business leaders, providing education in management, finance, and strategic decision-making.

Chicken Cordon —


Chicken Cordon — (BLEU): Chicken Cordon Bleu is a classic dish consisting of chicken stuffed with ham and cheese, then breaded and fried or baked. The word “Bleu” refers to the blue cheese often used in the filling, giving the dish its distinctive flavor.

Crimson Tide, briefly


Crimson Tide, briefly (BAMA): This clue alludes to a college football team known for its crimson-colored uniforms and strong athletic program. “Bama” is a colloquial abbreviation for the University of Alabama’s sports teams, commonly referred to as the Crimson Tide.

DDE’s opponent


DDE’s opponent (AES): DDE stands for Dwight D. Eisenhower, who served as the 34th President of the United States. In this context, “AES” refers to Adlai E. Stevenson, who was Eisenhower’s opponent in the 1952 and 1956 presidential elections.



Energy (VIM): When someone is described as having “vim,” it suggests they possess vitality, energy, and vigor. This term is often used to describe individuals who approach tasks with enthusiasm and determination, exuding a lively and energetic demeanor.



“Estuary” typically refers to the wide mouth of a river where it meets the sea, creating a unique ecosystem. The answer is “RIA,” which denotes a similar geographical feature formed by the partial submergence of a river valley.



A “Friend” is someone who supports and cares for you, often sharing common interests and values. An “ALLY” goes beyond friendship, implying a deeper level of cooperation and support, especially in challenging situations like conflicts or battles.



“Gridlock” describes a situation where traffic becomes completely congested, leading to a standstill on roads or in any system. The answer, “JAM,” reflects this scenario, suggesting a state of immobility and difficulty in progress.



To “Irritate” someone is to cause mild to moderate annoyance or frustration. “VEX” similarly denotes the act of causing irritation or distress, often through persistent or bothersome behavior.



A “Journal” is a written record of personal experiences, thoughts, and reflections. A “DIARY” serves the same purpose, allowing individuals to document their daily lives, emotions, and aspirations in a private and introspective manner.

Killer whale


The “Killer whale” is a powerful and intelligent marine mammal known for its distinctive black-and-white coloring and apex predator status. The answer, “ORCA,” directly refers to this iconic species of whale, found in oceans worldwide.

Kitten’s sound


Kitten’s sound: This refers to the gentle, contented noise made by a young cat, often associated with comfort and relaxation. The word “PURR” captures the soft, rhythmic vibrations emitted by a happy or content kitten.



Knock: This action involves striking a surface with one’s knuckles or a solid object to produce a distinctive sound. A “RAP” typically indicates a sharp, quick knock, often used to announce one’s presence at a door or to gain attention.

Latin 101 word


Latin 101 word: In introductory Latin courses, learners encounter basic vocabulary and grammar structures to build a foundation in the language. “AMAT” is a conjugated form of the Latin verb “amare,” meaning “to love,” commonly taught early in Latin studies.

Like a cobra


Like a cobra: This description evokes the characteristic physical feature of a specific type of snake, known for its unique hooded neck. A “HOODED” cobra is recognized by the distinctive shape formed when it spreads its neck to intimidate or defend itself.

Long step


Long step: When walking or running, individuals may take varying lengths of strides to cover distance efficiently. A “STRIDE” refers to a long step or the distance covered by a single step, indicating the efficient movement of a person or animal.

Math ratios


Math ratios: Ratios are mathematical expressions that compare two quantities relative to each other. In this context, “PIS” likely refers to the mathematical constant pi (π), often used in geometry and trigonometry to represent the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

Noah’s landfall


Noah’s Landfall (ARARAT): In the biblical story of Noah’s Ark, the vessel comes to rest on a mountain after the floodwaters recede. Mount Ararat, located in present-day Turkey, is traditionally believed to be the landing site of Noah’s Ark, making it a significant symbol in religious and cultural contexts.



Obvious (MARKED): When something is “marked,” it means it’s clearly identifiable or conspicuous, standing out from its surroundings. This adjective often denotes something that is unmistakable, evident, or readily noticeable due to distinct characteristics or features.

Old Olds


Old Olds (REO): This clue refers to a defunct American automobile manufacturer known for producing cars in the early 20th century. REO, short for Ransom Eli Olds, was a pioneering figure in the automotive industry and founder of the company that bore his initials.

On deck


On deck (NEXT): In a sequential order or lineup, being “on deck” means being next in line to perform a task or take a turn. This term is commonly used in sports, particularly baseball, to indicate the player who will bat next after the current one.

Outback bird


Outback bird (EMU): The emu is a large flightless bird native to Australia, often associated with the vast, arid regions known as the Outback. As one of the iconic symbols of Australian wildlife, the emu is well-adapted to the harsh conditions of its habitat.

Pakistan neighbor


Pakistan neighbor (IRAN): Pakistan shares its borders with several countries, and “Iran” is one of its neighboring nations to the west. These two countries have historical and geopolitical ties, influencing regional dynamics in South Asia and the Middle East.



A “Pile” often refers to a collection of objects stacked or thrown together in a disorderly manner. The answer, “HEAP,” perfectly captures this image, representing a mound or mass of items gathered without organization.



When something is “Pleasing,” it elicits a sense of satisfaction, enjoyment, or contentment. “NICE” is synonymous with this sentiment, describing something agreeable, pleasant, or enjoyable in a straightforward manner.



A “Pouch” typically denotes a small bag or container used to hold items, often attached to clothing or accessories. The answer, “SAC,” aligns with this definition, representing a simple pouch-like structure often found in nature or used for storage.

Pro votes


“Pro votes” are expressions of approval or agreement, especially in formal decision-making processes like voting. The term “AYES” specifically refers to these affirmative votes, indicating support for a particular proposal or motion.



To “Prohibit” something is to formally forbid or prevent its occurrence or use. “BAN” succinctly expresses this idea, indicating a legal or authoritative restriction on a certain action, behavior, or item.

Protective wall


A “Protective wall” serves to shield or defend against external threats, such as enemies, weather, or natural disasters. The answer, “PARAPET,” refers to a low protective wall or railing typically found on the edge of a roof, balcony, or fortress.

Recipe amts


“Recipe amts” refers to the amounts of ingredients required for preparing a dish according to a specific recipe. The answer, “TSPS,” abbreviates teaspoons, which are commonly used measurements in cooking to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Reprieve authority


A “Reprieve authority” holds the power to grant relief or pardon from punishment, typically in a legal or judicial context. The term “PARDONER” specifically refers to someone with the authority to grant pardons, providing respite or forgiveness from penalties or consequences.

Rice-shaped pasta


Rice-shaped pasta ORZO: This clue suggests a type of pasta resembling grains of rice, and the answer is ‘orzo.’ It’s a versatile pasta commonly used in soups, salads, and pilafs, adding texture and substance to various dishes.



Rim EDGE: Here, the hint points to the outer boundary or border of something, with ‘EDGE’ being the answer. It could refer to the rim of a wheel, a glass, or any other object with a circular or defined boundary.

Robert of “The Sopranos”


Robert of “The Sopranos” ILER: This clue references an actor known for their role in the television series “The Sopranos,” and the answer is Robert Iler. He portrayed Anthony ‘A.J.’ Soprano Jr., the son of the main character, Tony Soprano.



Ruckus ADO: This clue suggests a commotion or disturbance, with ‘ADO’ being the answer. It’s often used to describe a fuss, uproar, or noisy argument.

Say it’s so


Say it’s so AVER: This clue hints at affirming or asserting something, with ‘AVER’ being the answer. It means to state something confidently or assertively, often used in legal contexts or formal declarations.

Sea birds


Sea birds ERNES: This clue refers to birds commonly found near coastal areas, and the answer is ‘ernes.’ They are large seabirds known for their impressive wingspan and graceful flight over the ocean.

Showy parrot


Showy parrot MACAW: Here, the hint suggests a colorful and flamboyant species of parrot, and the answer is ‘macaw.’ Known for their vibrant plumage and loud vocalizations, macaws are popular as pets and are native to Central and South America.

Snake’s warning


Snake’s warning SSS: This clue indicates the sound made by a snake as a warning, with ‘SSS’ being the answer. It’s often used to represent the hissing sound made by snakes when they feel threatened or agitated.

Sunrise direction


Sunrise direction EAST: This clue refers to the cardinal direction from which the sun rises, and the answer is ‘east.’ It’s the direction toward which most compass needles point at sunrise, marking the beginning of a new day.



Task JOB: Here, the hint suggests a piece of work or assignment to be completed, and the answer is ‘job.’ It refers to a specific duty, responsibility, or assignment given to someone as part of their employment or daily activities.

Tennis feat


Tennis feat ACE: This clue refers to an impressive accomplishment in tennis, with ‘ACE’ being the answer. It’s a serve that the receiver cannot touch, resulting in a point for the server without the ball being returned.

Tex- — cuisine


Tex- — cuisine MEX: This clue suggests a style of cuisine associated with a specific region, with ‘MEX’ being the answer. It refers to Tex-Mex cuisine, a fusion of Texan and Mexican culinary traditions known for dishes like chili con carne, nachos, and fajitas.



Thoroughfares: These are typically wide roads or highways designed to facilitate smooth traffic flow through urban or suburban areas. “PARKWAYS” specifically refer to roads often lined with parks or greenery, offering a scenic route for drivers and pedestrians alike.

Three- — sloth


Three- — sloth: This phrase describes a specific characteristic or feature of a type of animal. A “TOED” sloth is identified by the number of digits on its limbs, with “three-toed” sloths being a distinct species known for their slow movements and arboreal lifestyle.



Throng: This term denotes a large, densely packed group of people or animals gathered closely together. A “CROWD” suggests a bustling assembly of individuals, often seen at events, concerts, or public gatherings.

Tic-tac-toe loser


Tic-tac-toe loser: In the popular game of tic-tac-toe, players take turns marking spaces in a grid with their respective symbols, typically Xs and Os. An “OOX” configuration signifies a player who has lost the game, with their opponent achieving three marks in a row.

Topical antiseptic


Topical antiseptic: This refers to a substance applied to the skin to prevent infection or promote healing of minor wounds or cuts. “IODINE” is a common topical antiseptic known for its reddish-brown color and ability to disinfect wounds effectively.



Uncivil: This adjective describes behavior or actions that are rude, impolite, or lacking in civility and courtesy. Someone who is “RUDE” may exhibit disrespectful or offensive behavior towards others, often causing discomfort or offense.

Wood-shaping tool


Wood-shaping tool: This tool is used in woodworking to carve, shape, or smooth wooden surfaces. An “ADZ” is a traditional woodworking tool similar to an axe but with a curved blade, ideal for shaping wood by removing thin layers with each stroke.


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