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Hey everyone! Do you feel like testing your skills today? Try out the Daily Mail Quick crossword. We will give you clues, and you have to figure out the answers, which might be difficult. If you get stuck, you can find the answers here. We have also provided explanations to help you.

In good health


When someone is described as being in good health, it means they are physically and mentally sound, free from illness or injury. The term WELL encapsulates this state of wellness, representing a condition of vitality and vigor.

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To conquer implies overcoming or defeating an opponent or obstacle. VANQUISH serves as a synonym, suggesting not just victory but a decisive triumph or domination over a challenge or adversary.

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Cockney thief


In Cockney rhyming slang, TEALEAF is used to refer to a thief. This playful and cryptic language substitutes a word that rhymes with the intended meaning, creating a colorful and secretive way of communication within certain communities.

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Female relatives


Female relatives who are siblings of one’s parents are commonly referred to as AUNTS. They play various roles within families, providing support, guidance, and familial bonds that enrich the lives of their nieces and nephews.

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Come in


Come in is an invitation for someone to enter a space or join a conversation. ENTER is the action associated with complying with this invitation, physically crossing a threshold or participating in a discussion or event.

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Whole ENTIRE refers to something complete or undivided. This term can be used to describe an entirety or a full entity. In a crossword puzzle, you might come across this clue when looking for a synonym for complete or total. The answer is ENTIRE.

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Street musician


In a bustling city, one might encounter the captivating melodies of a street musician, also known as a busker, whose tunes fill the air with joy and rhythm. Their presence adds a vibrant layer to urban life, drawing listeners with their skillful performances.

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Infrequently SELDOM refers to occurrences that happen rarely or not very often. It’s a word used to describe events or situations that don’t happen with much frequency. In crossword puzzles, you might see this clue paired with not often or rarely. The answer is SELDOM.

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Loud piercing cry


Sometimes, amidst the city’s clamor, one might hear a loud piercing cry, a scream that cuts through the noise, demanding attention and evoking strong emotions. It’s a stark contrast to the melodic strains of the busker’s music, yet both contribute to the tapestry of urban sounds.

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When the melodies begin to play and the cries fade into the background, it marks the commencement of another captivating performance. The start of a journey through music and emotion, guided by the talented hands and voices of those who share their gifts with the world.

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Capital of Ecuador


Nestled high in the Andean foothills, Quito stands as the vibrant capital of Ecuador. Its rich history, encompassing colonial charm and indigenous culture, makes it a captivating destination for travelers seeking adventure and discovery in South America.

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Science of animal life


Zoology, the intricate study of animal life, delves into the diverse realms of biology, behavior, and ecology. From microscopic organisms to majestic mammals, zoologists unravel the mysteries of the animal kingdom, shedding light on evolutionary processes and ecological interactions.

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Describing something as vexatious implies a persistent irritation or frustration, often stemming from repetitive or bothersome behavior. Whether it’s a nagging inconvenience or a constant source of annoyance, vexatious situations test one’s patience and tolerance.

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In urban landscapes worldwide, the term apartment commonly refers to a self-contained residential unit within a larger building. Compact yet functional, flats offer convenient living spaces for individuals and families, embodying modern urban lifestyles and fostering community within bustling cityscapes.

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Yorkshire racecourse


Nestled in the picturesque countryside of Yorkshire, Wetherby Racecourse entices spectators and enthusiasts alike with thrilling horse racing events. Against the backdrop of rolling hills and verdant landscapes, this historic venue showcases the timeless allure of equestrian sports in the heart of England’s racing heritage.

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MINIMUM suggests finding the word with the lowest quantity or value, which is LEAST. Similarly, LEAST is the smallest or lowest amount or degree possible, fitting the criteria of the clue. Therefore, the answer to the clue MINIMUM is LEAST.

Cake-burning king


Cake-burning king is the clue hinting at a historical figure known for burning cakes, referring to King Alfred the Great. Alfred, an English king from the late 9th century, famously allowed cakes to burn while he was preoccupied with military matters.

Two pints


Two pints suggests a measure of volume, and the answer fitting this description is QUART. In the imperial system, two pints equal one quart. Thus, QUART corresponds to the clue Two pints.



Disregarded is the clue indicating the action of ignoring or paying no attention to something, which can be described as IGNORED. When something is disregarded, it is intentionally neglected or overlooked, aligning with the definition of IGNORED. 

Sibilant sound


Sibilant sound refers to a hissing noise characterized by a hissing or whispering quality, fittingly represented by the word HISS. This term accurately depicts the sound produced by air expelled through a narrow channel, often associated with reptiles or when expressing disapproval. Thus, the answer to the clue Sibilant sound is HISS.

Funeral car


In a somber procession, the vehicle that carries the departed to their final resting place is known as a HEARSE. It’s a solemn symbol of farewells and mourning, embodying the gravity of the moment.

Violet gemstone


AMETHYST, a striking violet gemstone, captivates with its beauty and allure. Known for its rich color and mystical properties, it has long been cherished as a symbol of clarity, calmness, and inner strength.

Notices (anag)


When rearranged, the letters of Notices form the word SECTION. This word can denote a distinct part or segment, often used to categorize information or divide a larger entity into manageable portions.

London rail terminus


EUSTON stands tall as one of London’s prominent rail termini, bustling with commuters and travelers. Serving as a gateway to various destinations, it echoes with the rhythms of arrivals and departures, embodying the dynamic spirit of the city.

Female warrior


The term AMAZON conjures images of fierce female warriors, strong and resilient, from ancient tales and myths. These legendary figures inspire awe and admiration for their bravery and prowess in battle.

Hard dark wood


Ebony is a type of wood known for its dense, dark coloration and durability. It’s often used in high-end furniture and musical instruments due to its attractive appearance and strength. In crossword puzzles, clues like hard dark wood typically point directly to ebony.

Ring-shaped coral reef


An atoll is a ring-shaped coral reef, island, or series of islets surrounding a lagoon partially or completely. Formed from the growth of coral organisms over thousands of years, atolls are iconic features of tropical marine environments. In crossword puzzles, the clue ring-shaped coral reef commonly refers to atoll.

Pale blue colour


Aqua is a shade of blue that resembles the color of water, often appearing pale and soothing. It’s commonly associated with calmness, serenity, and cleanliness. In crossword puzzles, when the clue mentions a pale blue color, it typically indicates the answer is aqua.


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