Bada Lee’s ‘Biggest Hit’ K-Pop Dance Choreography

Renowned dancer and choreographer Bada Lee recently graced the set of “Inssadong Sulzzi” alongside soloist Lee Chaeyeon. Together, they delved into Bada Lee’s significant influence on K-Pop choreography, her victory in Street Woman Fighter 2, and more.

Currently affiliated with the Just Jerk Academy and leading the dance crew BEBE, Bada Lee secured victory in the second season of the widely acclaimed Korean reality dance competition show Street Woman Fighter 2 in 2023.

Even before her notable stint on the show, the 28-year-old prodigy boasted an impressive résumé as one of K-Pop’s leading choreographers. With a career spanning four years, Bada Lee has left an indelible mark by choreographing for some of K-Pop’s most beloved songs.

Bada Lee on Inssadong Sulzzi (Credits: @studio_USOG/Youtube)

In a candid conversation with Chaeyeon, Bada Lee opened up about what she regards as her “biggest hit” and the unexpected challenges it brought. She revealed that out of the plethora of dances she has crafted, she considers Aespa’s “Next Level” to be her defining achievement. According to her, this particular choreography played a pivotal role in gaining recognition as a choreographer.

The list of Bada Lee’s contributions to the K-Pop dance scene is extensive, including iconic choreographies for EXO Kai’s “Peaches” and “Rover,” SHINee Taemin’s “Guilty,” WayV Ten’s “Birthday,” and Aespa’s hits such as “Illusion,” “Savage,” and “Girls,” among many others.

Bada Lee showing off her new hairstyle (Credits: @badalee__/Instagram)

During the conversation, Chaeyeon humorously pointed out a distinctive aspect of the “Next Level” choreography that posed a challenge. She noted that many individuals attempting the dance found it to be somewhat painful, a sentiment echoed by Bada Lee, who acknowledged the need for flexibility in executing the routine.

The intriguing discussion captures Bada Lee’s journey, highlighting her contributions to the K-Pop dance genre and shedding light on the nuances of her acclaimed choreography for Aespa’s “Next Level.” The full exchange between Bada Lee and Chaeyeon can be viewed in the video below, providing insight into the creative process and impact of this accomplished choreographer.


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