Shuhua of (G)I-DLE Temporarily Pauses Activities for Health Reasons

(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua is set to take a temporary hiatus from all her scheduled activities, as confirmed by an announcement from Cube Entertainment on February 8.

The decision comes in light of Shuhua’s recent health concerns, as she was unable to participate in the live broadcast of MBC’s “Music Core” on February 3 and a scheduled video call event the day before, citing a “physical illness.”

Cube Entertainment had previously communicated Shuhua’s absence from the live broadcast and the video call event on February 3, alerting fans to her health-related challenges. This recent announcement further emphasizes the need for Shuhua to take a break to prioritize her well-being.

Shuhua still from “Super Lady” MV (Credit: Cube Entertainment)

(G)I-DLE, the popular girl group to which Shuhua belongs, recently marked their comeback with the release of their new album, “2,” on January 29. The group’s active participation in various promotional activities and appearances is a testament to their commitment to their fans.

On the February 8 broadcast of Mnet’s “M Countdown,” (G)I-DLE’s track “Super Lady” competed against IU’s “Love Wins All” for the top spot. Ultimately, (G)I-DLE emerged victorious, securing the first-place position with a total of 8,780 points. This win reflects the group’s continued popularity and success in the competitive music scene.

As Shuhua takes a hiatus to focus on her health, fans, and well-wishers are sending their support, hoping for her swift and complete recovery.

The temporary pause in Shuhua’s activities underscores the importance of prioritizing health and well-being in the demanding world of the entertainment industry. Fans eagerly await Shuhua’s return to the (G)I-DLE lineup and wish her the best on her path to recovery.



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