Patrick Stewart Gets Delightfully Goofy in New Paramount+ Super Bowl Ad

With the Super Bowl fast approaching, this also means the star-studded Super Bowl ads are also on their way. And one has just dropped a bit early, for the Paramount+ streaming service. It features a bevy of their most prominent stars, at the foot of the icy canyons below Paramount Mountain. Front and center is Admiral Jean Luc Picard himself, Sir Patrick Stewart. Joining him is Drew Barrymore, Thomas Lennon as Reno 911’s Lt. Dangle, Master Chief from Halo, Arnold of Hey Arnold!, Peppa Pig, Dora, Knuckles (voiced by Idris Elba), Jeff Probst from Survivor, and Miami Dolphins Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. Oh, and musical accompaniment from Creed. Because sure, why not? You can watch the full ad right here:

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Admit it, you never knew you needed to see Sir Patrick sing along to Creed hits from the ’90s until now. Patrick Stewart is always so serious whenever we see him on screen, especially in his Star Trek role as Jean Luc Picard. So it’s fun to see him just get goofy and just mug for the camera like this. Stewart returns to Paramount Mountain after appearing in the first “A Mountain of Entertainment” spot that launched during the Super Bowl three years ago. However, we hope next time, he will bring some of his Enterprise cohorts with him. We all know they’d be game to get a little silly, especially Brent Spiner as Data.

Patrick Stewart and Drew Barrymore get silly in the icy foot of Paramount Mountain in new Paramount+ Super Bowl ad.

This ad is the 15th installment of the Paramount+ streaming service’s “A Mountain of Entertainment” brand campaign. It’s also their third Super Bowl spot overall. This year, Paramount+ will be streaming Super Bowl LVIII on February 11, hence the actual football theme. Hopefully, next time (assuming there is a next time), nobody throws poor Arnold around. Can’t they bring back Beavis and Butthead and throw them around instead? They have it coming more than poor Arnold does.


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