All Popular Manga Series Follow Similar Journey to Shueisha

The globally popular manga series Chainsaw Man, One Punch Man, and Tokyo Ghoul share an unexpected origin – they all began as amateur works posted on the same Japanese online forum called Neetsha.

Before being discovered and published by the major manga company Shueisha, these three titles started out humbly as passion projects on an internet message board.

While fans around the world have embraced the gripping narratives and artistic flair of these comics, many remain unaware of the forum that played a pivotal role in their path to success.

Chainsaw Man (Credits: Tatsuki Fujimoto)

Neetsha provided the first venue for the creators Sui Ishida, One, and Tatsuki Fujimoto to share their imaginative stories that would later capture the hearts of millions.

The trajectory of this now-famous manga from niche internet origin to worldwide fame is an unlikely yet relatable tale. Aspiring artists like Ishida, One, and Fujimoto followed an unorthodox route, driven more by their creative passion than established industry norms or conventions.

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Chainsaw Man (Credits: Tatsuki Fujimoto)

This maverick spirit that led them to recognition resonates with readers, making their works not just compelling stories but inspiring to follow one’s own visionary path.

A Launchpad for Manga Talents, From Sui Ishida’s Tokyo Ghoul to One’s One Punch Man”

Neetsha provided a platform for aspiring manga artists to develop their talents and connect with engaged readers. Creators were able to post their comics and get constructive feedback from fellow enthusiasts.

Fans Worried As Chainsaw Man Manga Might End Soon
Chainsaw Man (Credits: Fujimoto Tatsuki.)

Sui Ishida utilized this online community to share his early work that would eventually become the popular series Tokyo Ghoul. Ishida’s visceral storytelling and intricately detailed dark art style garnered interest in Neetsha.

His unique voice and ability to craft a compelling narrative set the foundation for his successful career. When Tokyo Ghoul was picked up by famed publisher Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump magazine, Ishida’s talents were brought to a mainstream audience.

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One Punch Man (Credits: ONE)

Similarly, an artist known simply as One cultivated a following on Neetsha by posting his webcomic One Punch Man. One’s minimalist yet dynamic drawing combined with a clever satirization of superhero motifs quickly built an impressed readership.

As the comic grew in popularity for its humor, action set pieces, and subverted tropes, celebrated manga creator Yusuke Murata took notice. He collaborated with One to recreate One Punch Man for a broader print release under Shueisha’s Young Jump imprint.

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One Punch Man (Credits: ONE)

In both cases, the online Neetsha community incubated these artists’ signature styles and stories, providing a springboard to wider recognition.

Neetsha’s Artistic Incubator

Tatsuki Fujimoto originally drew attention to Neetsha showcasing his offbeat horror stories and singular narrative voice. His early online readership cultivated a passionate fanbase for his work.

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One Punch Man | Still (Credits: ONE)

When Fujimoto later created Chainsaw Man, he brought that creative vision to a wider audience. The series ingeniously blended visceral action setpieces with dark comedy and emotional impact.

This potent combination deeply resonated with both fervent fans and critical establishments. As Chainsaw Man’s popularity grew rapidly across the internet, publishers took notice.

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Chainsaw Man (Credits: Tatsuki Fujimoto)

Shueisha signed on Fujimoto to serialize the breakout hit in their hugely popular Weekly Shonen Jump anthology.

Through the initial exposure to Neetsha, Fujimoto was able to establish his idiosyncratic style and hone his storytelling craft.

When Chainsaw Man debuted, it represented the full flowering of his creative identity, deftly merging entertainment and deeper themes.

Fans Worried As Chainsaw Man Manga Might End Soon
Chainsaw Man (Credits: MAPPA)

This earned him both devoted readers and an influential platform for sharing his narrative talents.

Nurturing Talents and Paving the Way for Manga Artists’

Neetsha provided an important starting point for talented manga artists to share their work and get visibility.

The online community enabled aspiring creators to post content, receive constructive feedback, and connect with fellow enthusiasts.

Fans Worried As Chainsaw Man Manga Might End Soon
Chainsaw Man (Credits: Fujimoto Tatsuki.)

This supportive environment allowed artists like Sui Ishida, One, and Tatsuki Fujimoto to hone their abilities over time.

By developing their narrative skills and artistic style through Neetsha, they were eventually able to capture the attention of publishing experts.

The journey of these now-prominent manga creators from humble internet origins to global success can motivate other emerging artists seeking their own path in the field.

Fans Worried As Chainsaw Man Manga Might End Soon
Chainsaw Man (Credits: MAPPA)

Their stories demonstrate how dedication to one’s craft coupled with an online platform like Neetsha can lead to impactful opportunities, even without access to traditional industry entry points.

For fans, there is inspiration to be drawn from learning how the creators of Tokyo Ghoul, One Punch Man, and Chainsaw Man started out sharing their visions on an internet forum.

It highlights the creative possibilities of online spaces and their potential to incubate rising talent.

Fans Worried As Chainsaw Man Manga Might End Soon
Chainsaw Man (Credits: MAPPA)

The fact that these gifted storytellers could transform their passion into an acclaimed manga series, published globally by the prestigious Shueisha brand, resonates with readers who may also hope to pursue their own artistic dreams through unorthodox means.

It is a testament to determination and belief in one’s creative gifts.


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